Westside Breakfast Recap

Fromin's Deli

The PAPA Westside Breakfast

at Fromin’s Deli on Saturday October 9, 2021

Westside Breakfast 10-9-21

To say the last Westside Breakfast was a success would be a severe understatement. 19 were in attendance and everyone seemed very happy with the food and the service. Furthermore, Fromin’s seemed very happy to have us.  Steve Burns, KI6LO passed the torch for organizing Westside breakfasts to Ron Migdal, KN6APO. We had a fantastic raffle. Rick Norton, WM6M, won a ZumSpot and Adobin Schroth, KN6BQK, Won the latest, greatest iteration of the Anytone 878 which was so generously donated by Bob Yuan, KJ6UVT. But the most remarkable thing was the spirit of fellowship and fraternity which pervaded our group. Clearly, we were all grateful for the opportunity to see one another eye to eye and to be able to “press the flesh.” Hopefully, this will lead to increased attendance as we all try to inch away from our COVID existence. We hope to see you at our next gathering. A special thank you to Matt, K3MAT for the pictures and Ron, KN6APO, for reporting on our Westside Breakfast.


Author: Ed KB6THO

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