P25 Repeaters

With the increasing availability of P25 equipment, this digital mode is fast becoming the “Next Thing”. PAPA maintains a P25 Reflector which bridges to our analog system.

The PAPA Tech Team has developed a system of repeaters. Each is based on a Motorola MTR2000 analog with a Repeater Builder STM-32 MMDVM card installed in the expansion slot. This card runs Pi-Star and has an on board Ethernet port. This makes for a very clean installation that is easier to maintain.

Please Note: Check your radio’s “Busy” indication before keying up the Needles Multimode repeater. It may be in use on another mode.

PAPA Managed Reflectors

PAPA Chat 31077 – This reflector is the primary place for PAPA Members to talk with each other. Repeaters will return to this talkgroup after a period of inactivity.

PAPA Bridge 31078 – This reflector allows P25 users to connect with our analog system. This should be used primarily when you are out of range of an analog repeater.