P25 Repeaters

With the increasing availability of P25 equipment, this digital mode is fast becoming the “Next Thing”. PAPA maintains a P25 Reflector which bridges to our analog system.

The PAPA Tech Team has developed a system of repeaters. Each is based on a Motorola MTR2000 analog with a Repeater Builder STM-32 MMDVM card installed in the expansion slot. This card runs Pi-Star and has an on board Ethernet port. This makes for a very clean installation that is easier to maintain.

Please Note: Check your radio’s “Busy” indication before keying up the Redlands, Santa Ynez, Edom Hill or Needles Multimode repeaters. It may be in use on another mode.

PAPA Managed Reflectors

PAPA Chat 31077 – This reflector is the primary place for PAPA Members to talk with each other. Repeaters will return to this talkgroup after a period of inactivity.

PAPA Bridge 31078 – This reflector allows P25 users to connect with our analog system. This should be used primarily when you are out of range of an analog repeater.