USS Midway On The Air September 10

The USS MIDWAY Museum radio team at NI6IW, will be on-the-air this Saturday September 10 from 0900 to 1600 PST celebrating the ship’s commissioning in 1945 (decommissioned 1992). On that same day the museum will be holding the ship’s birthday party, 77 years young! Please see for details.

USS Midway September 1945

USS MIDWAY NI6IW will be operating on or near its normal HF frequencies of 7.250 MHz LSB, 14.320 MHz USB, “070” PSK31, and various CW frequencies (check spotting networks for the most current information). MIDWAY NI6IW also will be operating VHF/UHF specifically seeking contacts within the PAPA System SOCAL area on PAPA repeaters at the following times PDT:

Saturday Sept. 10th (times PST)Analog FMD-STAR REF012A
Morning Hours:09001000
Afternoon Hours:13001400

If you miss us on REF012A please check for our call NI6IW and ?Reporting Node? to see what Reflector we may be using and catch up with us there.

For QSL card please send self-addressed stamped envelope to:
USS Midway Museum Ship, COMEDTRA
910 N Harbor Drive
San Diego CA 92101

Want to Operate from MIDWAY?

NI6IW is a Special Event station maintained and operated by the USS MIDWAY Volunteers, many of whom are also PAPA members. PAPA Members interested in coming to the ship and operating for a couple of hours should contact Rick N6CY by Wednesday before the special event. The museum is OPEN to the visiting public and is a great educational experience whether or not you are a ham.

The USS MIDWAY, NI6IW, Radio Team thanks the PAPA System for its support in bringing the MIDWAY Magic to the airwaves!

Thank you and remember, the PAPA System is YOUR club, it is our members that make the system what it is- GREAT!


Cecil de WD6FZA


Author: Ed KB6THO

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