DMR Repeaters

The PAPA System maintains 19 Digital Mobile Radio repeaters. These repeaters mirror analog coverage providing reliable coverage from the Mexican border to north of Santa Barbara, and from the Arizona boarder to “Maritime Mobile” well out into the Pacific Ocean. DMR repeaters can be linked to a variety of talkgroups thus affording truly worldwide coverage. Below is a listing of our DMR assets. For some more DMR info, see our DMR 101 page.

Please Note: Check your radio’s “Busy” indication before keying up the Redlands, Santa Ynez, Edom Hill or Needles Multimode repeaters. It may be in use on another mode.

PAPA Talkgroups

This list represents the talkgroups we put into our DMR Codeplugs.

Timeslot 1Timeslot 2
California – TG 3106PAPA Chat – TG 31077
California-1 – TG 31061Local – TG 2
North America – TG 93PAPA Bridge – TG 31078
Worldwide – TG 91SoCal – TG 31066
TAC 310 – TG 310SoCal 1 – TG 31067
USA/3100 – TG 3100

Talkgroups with a yellow highlight are configured as static on the PAPA repeaters. All others are dynamic.

If you would like to use a talkgroup not on this list, you will need to program it on timeslot 1.

Talkgroup Descriptions

PAPA ChatThis is the main talkgroup for the PAPA System, a calling channel. It is also where you will find our weekly DMR net.
LocalUsing this talkgroup will re-transmit your call on the local repeater, but it won’t be sent to the network. This talkgroup is a good choice for someone want to talk with a nearby friend and not tie up all of the repeaters
PAPA BridgeKeying up on this talkgroups connects you to the PAPA analog repeaters. The intent of this talkgroup is to give you the ability to connect back to PAPA using a hotspot. This will let you participate in more PAPA nets.
These talkgroups are state-wide talkgroups and are available on many repeaters. The California talkgroup is the calling channel, you can then move to California-1 for a longer conversation.
North America
Wide area talkgroups for reaching out to broader groups of people. You will find many interesting conversations on these groups.