Bob Heil, K9EID


Join us on Saturday May 22 as we hear from one of the Greats of Amateur Radio. 

Bob Heil is an American sound and radio engineer most well known for creating the template for modern rock sound systems. He founded Heil Sound, which has designed and built large concert sound systems for some of the world’s leading groups, starting with Joe Walsh (WB6ACU) and the James Gang. Bob and Joe changed the world of Rock n Roll sound stages. The Grateful Dead, the Who, Z.Z.Top, Humble Pie, J.Geils, and Peter Frampton, are just a few of the scores of groups that blazed the concert trail with large mega KW sound systems. Bob says it should be noted that all of his ability to design and build these ground breaking systems was learned from his Amateur Radio background.

On the ham radio side of the house, you likely know of Heil Sound, manufacturer of high performance microphones and headsets for the amateur market. Join us on Saturday May 22 to learn more about one of Greats of Amateur radio!

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Author: Ed KB6THO

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