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PAPA is much more than a collection of repeaters, antennas, and tower sites. It's the members that make PAPA special. PAPA is a member-supported club. To join, please go to the PAPA System website at Your membership dues go to support the maintenance of existing sites as well as System expansion.

The PAPA System welcomes all amateurs to apply for membership, however, we reserve the right to refuse membership to anyone. To join, you must first register on the PAPA System website.
You can join the PAPA System as a Guest for a free 45-day "test drive". At the end of your 45 days, if you wish to continue using the PAPA System, please sign up for a Membership. Of course you may sign up for a Membership at any time before then if you find the PAPA System suits you.
Membership is granted upon payment of dues. Currently, dues are $125 annually. We like to point out that it's a good value, about $10/month, which is less than most people spend on lunch. Members are asked to renew on the anniversary of their initial payment. You can join at any time for a 1-year period or choose an ongoing subscription.
Beyond use of the repeater system, members are listed in the System roster on the website, and able to exclusively access important resources including codeplugs and member bulletins. The PAPA System is a social group, and members often say the best thing they get out of membership is the friendship and camaraderie. We have monthly breakfast/luncheon meetings that are open to members and guests - this is a great time to put faces with voices and maybe win a doorprize! You won't want to miss the annual PAPA picnic in the summer and the PAPA Fiesta in December for members, their guests and family.
Many PAPA Members are accredited Volunteer Examiners and we offer amateur exams at our breakfast and luncheon meetings. When you are ready to upgrade, you can register for a test session online.
On the PAPA System website, you can post announcements, ask questions and stay up-to-date on System activities. PAPA is also on Facebook and Twitter!
When you join, you'll have access to members-only pages, including code plugs. Use the section below to Join PAPA today. Please use your CALLSIGN (UPPER CASE) as your Username. If you pay using the on-line form, your membership payment will be recorded immediately.
Alternatively, you can send a check to:
PAPA System
P. O. Box 373
San Marcos, CA 92079-0373
Please put your callsign and "Membership" on the memo line. Membership is $125/year. If you send a check, please allow several weeks for manual processing.


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PAPA System Terms of Use

PAPA is a wide-area Amateur Radio system serving Southern California. As a Member, you are an ambassador of the PAPA System specifically and Amateur Radio in general. You have an obligation to conduct yourself on-air in a manner which reflects good Amateur Radio etiquette and according to the guidelines of the PAPA System and the following Terms of Use.

As a condition of joining the PAPA System you acknowledge and agree to the following Terms of Use:

  • You agree to:
    • Identify your station in accordance with FCC regulations.
    • Pause between transmissions to allow others access to the repeater system.
    • Break for emergency traffic.
    • Be welcoming and respectful to all amateurs on the System.
    • Refrain from conversations regarding politics or religion.
    • Not talk negatively about individuals or organizations at any time.
    • Only engage in conversation appropriate for the general public.
    • Maintain civility and refrain from offensive language.
    • Always uphold the best traditions of the Amateur Radio Service.
  • You have read and will abide by the PAPA System Smooth Operator best practices guide and the ARRL Amateur Radio Code of Conduct. You have read the PAPA System Privacy Policy.

Failure to operate in compliance with the above Terms of Use may result in the revocation of your membership in the PAPA System.