PAPA would like to thank the generous donors you see to the right. Their donations during 2022 have enabled us to upgrade and expand our coverage throughout Southern California.

For 2023, PAPA plans on continuing with site hardening for improved reliability and extended off-grid operations.

  • Ron K6CPR
  • Lewis K2VGE
  • Ian WQ6D
  • Alan K6AGM
  • Charles WX6R
  • Bob WM6Q
  • Ramon KR0MAN
  • Larry K0DOC
  • Peter AA6PL
  • Mike K6OLY
  • Louis W6LUX
  • Robert KN6LMY
  • Nat N6BRV

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Donations may also be made via PayPal. You can also simply mail a check to PAPA System, P. O. Box 373, San Marcos, CA 92079-0373. Please allow several weeks for manual processing when donating by PayPal or mail-in donations not made via the Offline Donation button.

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