D-STAR Repeaters

The PAPA System maintains 11 D-STAR repeaters providing reliable coverage from the Mexican border to north of Santa Barbara, as well as “Maritime Mobile” well out into the Pacific Ocean. Our D-STAR repeaters are linked together via Reflector 12A. Repeaters can be linked to a variety of Reflectors, thus affording worldwide access. Below is a listing of our D-STAR assets.

D-STAR Registration

To get the most out of your D-STAR radio, you will want to “Register” on the D-STAR network. You only need to do this once, and you can register on any D-STAR Gateway server as the database is common to all D-STAR Gateway servers worldwide.

You can verify your registration status via the D-STAR Gateway Registration Check link below. To register, click on the Register on the PAPA System KD4PAP Gateway link.


The Backstory…

In late 2006 Robert K6RCK conducted a D-STAR presentation at a PAPA breakfast meeting proposing that the PAPA System consider deploying D-STAR repeaters for its members. Later on Tim Barrett, K6BIV with the K6MDD Mount Diablo D-STAR System was invited to talk to the group and provide his recommendations. After Tim’s presentation Robert K6RCK, Ed W6ONT, Cecil WD6FZA and Leo WB6YES all agreed to install the first PAPA System digital voice (DV) repeater in the Los Angeles area. In early 2007, the membership began experimenting with the new D-STAR digital technology from ICOM.

The Sites…

D1Oat Mountain, Los Angeles County
Elevation: 3693
Serving Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley
D3Santiago Peak, Orange County
Elevation: 5670
Installed in November 2010, D3 serves Orange County, the South Bay, Riverside, Ontario, with some coverage in the San Fernando Valley and San Diego Areas.
D4Saddle Peak, Malibu
Elevation: 2770
Installed in June 2007, D4 serves the South Bay, Orange County, West San Fernando Valley, Catalina and the South Coast. Extended coverage of West LA, Santa Monica, the Los Angeles Basin and Coastal access from Santa Barbara to Ensenada.
D6Santa Ynez Peak, Santa Barbara County
Elevation: 4298
This is the newest repeater on the PAPA System network, going into service August 21, 2013. D6 serves Pismo Beach to Thousand Oaks, including Santa Barbara.
D9San Marcos Mountain, North San Diego County
Elevation: 1540
Service for North San Diego County.
D10Palomar Mountain, San Diego
Elevation: 5513
Installed in November 2007, D10 serves Escondido south along the I-15 to the Mexican Border.
D11Otay Mountain, San Diego
Elevation: 3560
Installed in March 2008, D11 is located near the California/Mexico border and provides coverage throughout the City of San Diego with extended coverage along the coast to San Clemente.
D14Blue Ridge, near Wrightwood
Elevation: 8500
Service for the Antelope Valley up to Barstow.
D15Mt. Woodson
Elevation: 2855
Installed in October 2008, Mt. Woodson is centrally located in San Diego County and provides coverage throughout San Diego County.
D16Edom Hill, Palm Springs
Elevation: 1565
service for Interstate 10 from Beaumont to well beyond Indio, and all of the Coachella Valley down to at least Mecca.