Toro Peak Update


PAPA 7 Frequency Update
In order to improve analog service from Toro Peak, the Tech Team has completed some upgrades at the site. On the 70cm side, the frequency of PAPA 7 has changed to:

PAPA 07- Toro Peak

  • 447.840- 
  • 103.5 PL Encode
  • 114.8 PL Optional Decode

There is a New PAPA in Town…
The Tech Team also took today to install a new 222 MHz repeater at the site. This install had been scheduled for November of last year, however changes of fortune and weather delayed the trip until now. Listen for 222 MHz analog service from PAPA 27:

PAPA 27- Toro Peak

  • 224.180 – 1.6 MHz
  • 103.5 PL Encode
  • 114.8 PL Optional Decode

1.25 Meters…
The 222 MHz Amateur Band offers some unique properties which you may find to your liking. Since there is no military radar in this portion of the spectrum, your signal won’t be plagued by the all too frequent megawatt disruptions we experience on the 70cm band. With propagation similar to that of the 2 meter band, you also have more “reach” on 1.25 meters. If you have 222 MHz in your stable, give PAPA 27 a try. 


Author: Ed KB6THO

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