RFI: All You Ever Wanted To Know

PAPA VMeeting

PAPA vMeeting, October 2 @ 10am

Palomar Engineers

PAPA Virtual Meeting Featuring Bob, AK6R, from Palomar Engineers

Join us on Saturday October 2 as we hear all about RFI

Palomar Engineers
Palomar Engineers was founded in 1965 by Jack Althouse, K6NY, and provides a full selection of ferrite products and filters to suppress RFI/EMI interference and broadband noise on electronic equipment from 100 KHz to 1000 MHz. Their products are used in commercial and amateur radio stations, households, military installations, solar energy power sites, the International Space Station, automotive, marine, medical, industrial and manufacturing operations, research institutes and governmental agencies. In 2013, Palomar Engineers was acquired by Susan Kline, President, and Robert Brehm, AK6R, Chief Engineer.

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Author: Ed KB6THO

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