PAPA 31: Daniel Peak, San Jacinto


There is a New PAPA in Town

PAPA is proud to announce analog service from Daniel Peak in the San Jacinto area!

  • 445.260-
  • Encode PL: 103.5
  • Optional Decode PL: 114.8

If your radio doesn’t support separate encode and decode PL, all you need to do is enable your encode (transmit) PL. If you have a DMR radio, our updated codeplugs may be of interest as they have been updated to reflect this change.

PAPA 31 Details

Decode PL / DPL
SOUTHDaniel PeakPAPA 31445.260-103.5114.8
PAPA 31: 445.260- 103.5 Hz Encode 114.8 Hz Optional Decode

Author: Ed KB6THO

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