San Diego Luncheon Recap

The PAPA San Diego Luncheon

at Cocina Del Charro on Saturday November 18, 2023

There were 29 who attended the San Marcos Luncheon. Congratulations to our new Amateur Extra and two new Technicians! The PAPA System has a raffle for those that pass the Technician license exam, and Naomi won a TYT handheld provided by our PAPA Partner Let’s Get Ready.

Steve KN6YEY joined the A team on Saturday, October 11, at Toro Peak to video the replacement of damaged antennas at the site. The video was presented at the luncheon and documented the tower climbing skills of the A team. Toro Peak is about 9400 feet high, but for Angel KD6AFA working on the tower was just a walk in the park.

More than tower work was undertaken as Keith AI6BX had the mission of resolving issues with the AREDN system. Equipment was also positioned for the upcoming site rebuild in June of 2024.

Steve’s video really shows the work required to keep the PAPA System on the leading edge in the Amateur community. For those who would like to view the video, come out next Saturday Nov 25 to the OC PAPA Luncheon.

PAPA Year End Celebrations

Cecil announced that we will have TWO year end celebrations… our traditional Fiesta in the San Fernando Valley on Saturday December 9, and Fiesta Del Sur in San Marcos the following Saturday December 16.

This year we will have 25 door prizes at each Fiesta event. Your ticket will be eligible for drawing at both Fiestas, so if it isn’t selected on December 9, it will remain in the basket for a chance to win on December 16! We will have tickets at our breakfasts and luncheons starting in October, and well as by mail. Our generous PAPA Partners have made it possible to have door prizes with a combined retail value of $15,000. Details at!


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