Sam Weiss, W6LXR SK

Sam Weiss, W6LXR

Sam Weiss, W6LXRSam Weiss, W6LXR, long time PAPA Member, is now a Silent Key.

His memorial service was April 5, 2023.

PAPA Member Josh Landerer, KJ0SHL, was Sam’s nephew.

Brian WA6JFK remembers that Sam was a great QSO – Norm K6YXH recalls that he always came back to calls with nice words.

Sam kept busy as a substitute teacher, filling in at Viewpoint and other schools – he helped get ham radio set up in a classrooms and and helped new hams at the schools.

He often tried to check into Murray’s noon-time swap net on Viewpoint’s 10m dipole – not a great antenna for 40m – one day we were going to add a 40m element.

We’ll miss Sam’s gentle kind voice on the PAPA System!


Author: Ed KB6THO

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