PAPA 06 Santa Ynez Peak Update

The TechTeam has upgraded equipment at Santa Ynez, including a Motorola MTR-2000 for PAPA 6, new antennas and other equipment. Along with this work, PAPA 6 has a new optional PL for decode, 100.0 Hz.

PAPA 6- Santa Ynez Peak
* 156.7 Hz Encode (no change here)
* 100.0 Hz Optional Decode

Great news for ICOM and Yaesu users: If your radio worked on PAPA 6 before this upgrade, it will continue to work after. PAPA members can download updated codeplugs from the Code Plug page on the PAPA website.

Thank you and remember, the PAPA System is YOUR club, it is our members that make the system what it is- GREAT!

Get on the AIR, get RADIO ACTIVE!


Author: af6fb

a guy with a computer, a radio, and a camera

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