PAPA 03 Santiago DPL Update

DPL Update
The PAPA System analog repeater on Santiago Peak (P03) is subject to frequent on-channel intermodulation (IM) product mixes that degrade the performance of the repeater system. This is largely due to the density of co-located RF emitters in and around the building in which the repeater is located. Intermodulation can occur in a number of places at the typical communications site and the transmitters involved can change over time.

On October 14th, 2020, the PAPA Tech Team changed the analog PL of the repeater to a digital PL (DPL, DCS) in an attempt to keep the IM from interfering with communications across the PAPA System network. While this effort appears to have effectively achieved that goal, there was an unintended consequence of limiting user access to the site because some mobile and portable transceivers could not be programmed for different (cross-code) transmit and receive digital PL codes.

The Steering Committee has been working this issue, and, as a result, the Tech Team will return to the site during the next 14 days to implement a solution which involves using the same digital PL code on both transmit and receive. As soon as the site visit details have been determined, a notice to all PAPA members will be sent out.

“How Can I Help?”
If your radio cannot cross-code digital PL, you are encouraged to participate in the next effort where the transmit and receive codes will be set to the same value (073). It’s important to keep PAPA 3 active for a few hours following the change so that the Tech Team can evaluate if any new interference issues arise from the new configuration. Watch your email for updates and information on how to participate in the testing.

Thank you and remember, the PAPA System is YOUR club, it is our members that make the system what it is- GREAT!

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