Net Control Operator

Are you interested in becoming a Net Control Operator, or helping behind the scenes? The PAPA System holds many nets each week, and as you can imagine it takes a lot of operators to keep it all running.

Being a Net Control Operator is not difficult, you simply need to be organized and have the ability to control the conversation. Some nets do require knowledge about a specific topic, like antennas or digital modes. Some of our nets, however, are check-in nets with minimal questions. So you can jump in where you feel comfortable.

We frequently start new net controllers with the second half of the New Hams Net (Wednesday evenings @ 7pm). This is a check-in net with questions that a new ham might ask. Some of these questions are about radio practice or the PAPA System. As more skills are built up, you can move to other nets.

For more details, please see our Net Control Operator page.

Job Category: Nets
Job Type: Part Time
Job Location: On-Air

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Author: Ed KB6THO

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