PAPA Fiesta 2022 Recap

The PAPA Fiesta

was held on

Saturday December 10, 2022

With 90 PAPA members and friends in attendance, Fiesta 2022 was likely our best to date! Of course this would not have been possible without the help of the PAPA Team. Cliff KJ6CDA not only greeted folks, but he was also our Master of Ceremonies. Robert KN6LMY and Ron KN6APO also greeted and checked people in.

Chris, AA4CD shared some details of our upcoming Hollywood Hills remote receiver, and presented a technical year-in-review on the Sumo Buffet Big Screen.

Steve, KI6LOV was honored as our Senior PAPA Net Controller. Steve hosts our New Hams Net, heard on PAPA’s analog repeaters Wednesday evenings at 7pm.

<- Some Net Controllers
Steve KI6LOV, Cliff KJ6CDA, Carolyn KK6LMC, Bob W6CJX and Doug KJ6ACO

Ron and Robert also sold door prize tickets, which ensured a very good Fiesta for several attendees. Of the 34 door prizes, 29 recipients were there in-person, including our grand prize winner Michael KN6LJF. Michael will no doubt be heard on the bands with his IC-7300 . Congrats Michael!

Thank you to RJ KM6AVH and Matt K3MAT for the great Fiesta pictures!

Scroll down to see them all.

Knott’s Berry Farm Tickets (2)Dan, KC6DAN
TYT TH-350 Tri BandPaul, KN6RED
TYT TH-350 Tri BandChuck, WX6R
TYT TH-9800D Plus Version Quad Band MobileLew, K2VGE
TYT TH-9800D Plus Version Quad Band MobileMichael, KB6D
AnyTone AT-5555N II CBJim, K2EVC
AnyTone AT-D878UV II PlusMichael, AF6FB
AnyTone AT-5888UV III TriBandDan, KF6NPL
AnyTone AT-5888UV III TriBandRoy
AnyTone AT-D578UV III Plus w/ BlueTooth Remote Control MicJorge, KN6TFR
AnyTone AT-D578UV III Plus w/ BlueTooth Remote Control MicDave, N3BKV
Bioenno Power BLF-1220A + ChargerDave, N3BKV
Bioenno Power BLF-1220A + Chargerk1gmk
Bioenno Power BLF-1220A + ChargerJonathan, KN6WPZ
Bioenno Power BLF-1220A + ChargerRichard WM6M
Bioenno Power BLF-1220A + ChargerTimothy, kn6wqa
Bioenno Power BLF-1215A + ChargerYi, W2AYZ
Bioenno Power BLF-1215A + ChargerKevin, w6kco
Bioenno Power BLF-1215A + ChargerMichael, KN6LJF
Bioenno Power BLF-1215A + ChargerRJ, km6avh
Bioenno Power BLF-1215A + ChargerRon, kn6apo
Bioenno Power BLF-1212A + ChargerLou, w8lou
Bioenno Power BLF-1212A + ChargerMelvin KM6M
Bioenno Power BLF-1212A + ChargerBradley KN6ABO
Bioenno Power BLF-1212A + ChargerTom, KB6NQW
Bioenno Power BLF-1212A + ChargerYi, W2AYZ
Bioenno Power BLF-1209A + ChargerAmos
Bioenno Power BLF-1209A + ChargerTim KN6PHP
Bioenno Power BLF-1209A + ChargerDoug, kj6aco
Bioenno Power BLF-1209A + ChargerLew, K2VGE
Bioenno Power BLF-1209A + ChargerLark KA4A
ZUM-spot Rpi 3.5 LCD KitHoward, K6RYA
DC12 MITY T400 – 40W Panel Solar GO-BOXBob, KJ6GEU
Icom IC-7300 HF TransceiverMichael KN6LJF


Author: Ed KB6THO

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