PAPA 4H Update


Hollywood Hills Remote Receiver Update

The TechTeam has installed PAPA 4H, our remote receiver at the Hollywood Hills site, enhancing coverage in the Greater Los Angeles area:

  • Encode PL: 131.8
  • Optional Decode PL: 141.3

PAPA 4H listens on PAPA 4’s input for transmissions with a 131.8 Hz PL tone. If your radio doesn’t support separate encode and decode PL, all you need to do is update your encode (transmit) PL.

PAPA 4H Details

Decode PL / DPL
CENTRALHollywood Hills Remote RXPAPA 4H445.420-131.8141.3

PAPA 4 Hollywood Hills Remote Receiver Coverage

Give it a try and let your animal husbandry friends PAPA is “4H Qualified” 😉


Author: Ed KB6THO

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