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Ham Radio License Exams

New Licenses, Upgrades, and Volunteer Examiner Opportunities

For many years, PAPA has offered exams at breakfasts. With the pandemic, we’ve needed to put all of those on hold.

Not to worry though, Remote Exams are available and some of our PAPA Members are at the forefront of remote exams!

If you’re a General or Extra Class, accredited or not, you can participate in administering remote exams by becoming accredited with GLAARG VEC:

If you’re already accredited with GLAARG, this page will get you started (the password for this page is the same one all GLAARG VEs get when accredited): https://glaarg.org/volunteer_examine…ession-portal/

Looking for more info on Remote Exams? Start here: http://glaarg.org/remote-sessions

Remote exam sessions are listed here: http://hamstudy.org/sessions

Note that it doesn’t matter where an exam is offered, or where you are – all you need is a connection to the Internet and a camera on your PC.

Here are some presentations and blogs on remote exams:

K6YXH Interview with W0DHG (both PAPA Members)

Marcel AI6MS Presentationhttps://youtu.be/lovtrgFJtJ8

Hamstudy.org Blog https://Hamstudy.org