PAPA Repeaters Off Network- Oct 15 & 16, 2022

  • Saturday October 15: PAPA 5 & 9- 0600-1700
  • Sunday October 16: PAPA 11 & 15- 0600-1700

PAPA will be supporting the Motorcycle Amateur Radio Club (MARC) with their work on the “bikeMS: Bay to Bay” Irvine to San Diego fundraising ride.

MARC will be utilizing some of our southern zone repeaters for event communications as follows:

  • Saturday October 15, 0600-1700: PAPA 05 and PAPA 09 will be off-network
  • Sunday October 16, 0600-1700: PAPA 11 and PAPA 15 will be off-network

PAPA 03, 10, and 22 afford complimentary coverage for sections of the southern zone. We have full DMR, D-STAR and P25 coverage from the hilltops MARC will be using, so this may be an opportunity to give those modes a try.


Author: Ed KB6THO

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