Polo and T-Shirts

Polo is $41 + $6.30 shipping
T-Shirt is $17 + $6.30 shipping

Type of Shirt
Name, Call Sign, Phone # (note: phone number will not be embroidered on shirt)

Use the Add To Cart button, to order. Make sure to include your name and call sign (as you want it embroidered on the Polo shirt only – no embroidery on T-Shirts)! Also, you will be prompted by PayPal to provide your address so we know where to ship your shirt.

PAPA Patches

These measure 2″ x 4″ and cost $9.00

If your Delivery Address is different from what’s in the Roster, please let us know where to send your PAPA Patch!

PSE Enter Delivery Address!

Name Badges

Badges from Trophyman

Please email orders to, because their website is set up to require a minimum order, which is way more than a single badge, and they haven’t figured out a way to make an exception for PAPA Members. But they do want our business, and they don’t want to charge us more than the price of one badge.