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PAPA Website FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions (and ones we anticipate getting asked)

Q: How come I can’t log in anymore?
A: If you were registered on the old website, your username on this website is simply your call sign. You will have to use “Forgot Password” because we were not able to move password with users.

Q: How do I get personal information about Members and Guests so I can contact them?
A: We will have a Discord Server where members can register. Once registered, they can “friend” other members and ask them for personal information – the website does not provide that information in the roster in order to comply with privacy laws.

Q: My membership expiration emails used to come from Cecil via QuickBooks (QB) – why are the emails coming from the website now?
A: We used to use QB and send out invoices. The new website saves us time and manpower by taking over that task. Members will get an email notification before their membership expires and will have an opportunity to renew online. As an added convenience, members can choose to auto-renew on their membership anniversary.

Q: Where did the forums go? I liked posting information and asking for information.
A: The Discord server will provide a forum-like environment where members can exchange information and where we can “pin” information as we did in the forums.

Q: How come when I search for a member in the roster, I see other members as well as the one I’m looking for?
A: The search in the roster finds not only the member, but any members that mention that member in their profile (How did you find out about the PAPA System? What members do you know?)

Q: Where did the link to the TechTeam Blog go?
A: The TechTeam will Post information whenever they have news to share.

Q: How do I ask for help with website issues like logging in or finding content?
A: Please use the Ask PAPA menu item to submit Support Tickets – you can do that to make suggestions too. You can also use the Support Ticket link from the “headset” icon at the bottom right of the Home screen.

Q: How come I can’t see the Members Only content when I’m a Member?
A: You have to use Site Login to log in and you have to be a Member. There is no way for the website to know you are a member unless you log in.

Q: How can I see what my membership level is and all of my payments – I used to get a Statement from QuickBooks.
A: You can see everything in your Profile.

Q: I used FORGOT PASSWORD, but have not seen a reset email – what do I do?
A: The website has the email you used to register on the old system, or the one you used to register on this site. If you’ve changed your email, or have had more than one account on the old system, we might have the wrong email. You might also need to check your spam folder. If none of that works, please file a Support Ticket (100s have successfully reset their password, so we’re pretty sure the website is sending out the reset emails that work)