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Ham Radio License Exams

Did you know that even with everything that is going on in the world, you can still take a Ham Radio License Exam? Some of our PAPA People have been instrumental in making sure this vital service is available to all who would like to join the hobby.

All the info about taking and giving ham exams is here: Ham Testing

PAPA News & Updates

PAPA 4 Optional Decode PL Update 8/12/20

  • 127.3 Hz PL Encode (Remains the Same)
  • 141.3 Hz New Optional PL Decode

Saddle encode PL remains the same (127.3 Hz), and the optional decode PL has been updated to 141.3 Hz. Updated codeplugs are available to members on our Code Plugs page.

If you have an ICOM, Yaesu or other radio that does not permit separate encode and decode PL tones, simply program for the encode PL and you will be fine.

New PAPA Members

The following are new 2020 PAPA members – let’s all do our part to welcome them to the PAPA Family.

  • David KG6JZJ
  • Mike W6UXD
  • Trisha KJ6ZYR
  • Per AJ6PJ
  • Glenn KK6BHD
  • Dylan KN6KAV
  • Jim N6CAZ
  • Rob K6JUS
  • Anthony KD0MSP

Latest ARRL News

The PAPA System has been designated an ARRL affiliated member supported repeater system.