*DRILL* Topanga Canyon Fire/Evacuation *DRILL*

The Topanga Coalition for Emergency Preparedness (TCEP) is participating in an evacuation drill from 5pm to 6pm on August 12. They are encouraging PAPA users to check in to simulate radio traffic as it might occur if there were an actual fire and evacuation.

For purposes of the drill, the time line for the simulated fire is compressed, so the check-ins should be appropriate to the stage of the simulated fire conditions and simulated evacuation order:

The simulated fire starts at approximately 5:00 around dirt Mulholland.
Check-ins should start anytime after 5:15

Please check in with simulated questions and reports. There will be a directed net with a control operator to make it more realistic. Please keep transmissions to 20 seconds or less.

Possible checkin topics might be:

  • Does anyone know why traffic is so slow today?
  • Is something going on in Topanga (PCH backed up? Topanga Canyon Blvd backed up?)
  • Where is the fire?
  • How serious is the fire?
  • Do I need to evacuate?
  • What roads can I use to avoid the fire?

Please preface every transmission with This is a DRILL – this is very important to make sure no one actually thinks there is an actual fire!


Aug 12 2021


The drill starts at 5pm, but the announcement on the website should start at 8am
8:00 AM - 6:00 PM
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