Baker to Vegas: Hams Needed

Greetings Fellow PAPA Members,

Although you may have heard, LAPRAAC has made changes to the communications plan. No longer will they be using ham radio folks for comms at each stage.

However, there is still a need for volunteer amateur radio operators!

Safety Patrol, Start Line, and Motors have needs for new or returning ham radio operators.

If you have a motorcycle that can work the race, that is awesome. Please send me your information.

If you have a vehicle with a DUAL BAND MOBILE radio, and you can sustain yourself with food, water and gas for a 10-12 hour day, Safety Patrol could really use you! Each Safety Patrol team is a minimum of two people that ‘patrol’ a section of the course. They monitor all the people and vehicles on the course that day, and call in any problems. Specifically the job is runner safety. I can pair up volunteers if we have some folks that want to work Safety Patrol, but don’t have a capable vehicle. Safety Patrol communicates using amateur radio 2M simplex and a 440 repeater through a Command Post.

The race date is March 23-24, 2024.

Those that are interested, send me an email.


Blair Stephens

KD6IFG, Safety 1

Baker To Vegas Challenge Cup Relay



Author: Ed KB6THO

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